Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Other Handy Uses For Urine

In addition to being able to drink fresh urine, it is also excellent for cleaning wounds on the battlefield or in the wild, or wherever you may be when your usual wound-cleaners of choice are far away. Urine is also an excellent salve for jellyfish stings. It contains enzymes that help break up the natural chemicals causing the sting. A use for that full bladder on the beach at last.

Thanks, Stu, for jogging these tidbits out of my brain.


Stuart Ian Burns said...

As seen in the seminal Friends episode, 'The One With The Jellyfish'

Kat Sagbottom said...

It was a Friends episode (NOT that I'm admitting to watching Friends after 1996 or so... good heavens I'm a snob), but I actually learned this from a high school history teacher. He was a soft-spoken but very intense Vietnam veteran who regaled us with the most amazing stories.

Heehee... I won't sleep tonight if anybody thinks I learned this from Friends. I think that makes me even more of a dork.