Saturday, February 26, 2005

Nary a Hair: Why Cyclists Shave Their Legs

Male cyclists--road racers in particular--have shaved the hair from their legs for decades. The following are the reasons why:
  1. Road Rash: less painful when sliding on pavement during a crash (similar to carpet burn)
  2. Aerodynamics: less wind resistance
  3. Sanitation: hairs hold dirt and debris that can get into wounds; hairs also make changing bandages more difficult
  4. Massage: easier for a masseuse to work muscles
  5. Aesthetics: more muscle definition, smoother and faster look


jenniii said...

6. They are all fully paid up members of The Blue Oyster Bar

Anonymous said...

Actually, birds don't have penises.

It's one of the evolutionary tradeoffs they made in order to be light enough to fly.

The stuff is deposited near the female's reproductive opening, and special muscular movements (similar to the peristalsis that happens in your esophagus that lets you drink while upside down) moves the fluid to where it's useful - i.e. in fertilizing the egg.

I couldn't make this up...