Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Cashew nuts grow on top of the fruit, which looks something like a yellow bell pepper. Honestly, it looks a little obscene somehow.
It tastes something like a bell pepper too, but a little sweet. Also it leaves this sort of tacky, drying taste/feeling in your mouth.
And the juice, although clear, will stain your clothes. And those suckers are juicy.

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caro said...

as a result, technically speaking, cashews aren't nuts, but seeds. the plant they come from is called anacardium occidentale l. or "cashew apple" and a relative of the mango and pistachio tree.

interestingly enough, the cashew seeds outside the fruit are covered by a shell that contains a resin that is toxic. when you open the shell, and resin gets on the cashew seed, it becomes inedible.
as a result, most cashews are steamed at a high temperature so that the shell opens without resin getting on the seed. as a result of this procedure, all cashews you buy areactually cooked.