Saturday, January 29, 2005

Look 'Sideways'

Sideways has various wierd similarities with the 80s film Electric Dreams.

  • Virginia Madsen's character name in the new film is Maya which has the same name origins as Madeline a character she played in the older film.
  • Both characters romance a man called Miles.
  • In both films love breaks down because of a lie introduced by a third party.
  • In both films the couples get bored with an official tour and disappear off on their own -- in Electric Dreams it's Alcatraz.
  • There is also a scene in which Madsen's character describes why she's passionate about something in the former film it's music.

    Also but unrelated ...

    Sandra Oh (Stephanie) is married to the director Alexander Payne, and both Oh and Paul Giamatti (Miles) have worked together before on the kids film Big Fat Liar.
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