Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's loudest?

Babies produce more noise than pneumatic drills. Babies hit 123 decibels when screaming, whereas a pneumatic drill only produces 119 decibels. Ok, so there's only 4 decibels in it, but still, louder is louder.

(And yes, I am watching Brainiac at the moment.)


Noran said...

I work in an ER, and I know for a fact the baby level is far higher than stated 123!!

Tim said...

Also, the decibel rating is not a linear increase-- it's logarithmic. An increase of 10 decibles is about 3 times the volume.

fluffy said...

No, 10 decibels is a 10-fold increase in loudness. 3 decibles is about double.

123dB is pretty damn loud, by the way. Like, jet-engine loud. I don't think they get that loud.