Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Removing splinters

If you have a splinter and don't fancy digging it out with a needle and tweezers, use sticky tape instead: smooth the tape over the splinter, pull the tape off and the splinter will come with it. Never tried it, so no idea if it works, but I'll try to remember it for next time I get a chunk of 2 by 4 in my thumb.


travis said...

I would guess that masking tape would work best for that--the adhesive has a little more "substance" to it with which to grab a splinter.

penn said...

duct tape also works.

another tip (and this works well with bee stings) is to take a credit card and use it to "flick" the splinter out by going with the grain. obviously, if you try and push the splinter up, you will just break it off in your finger.

Omykiss said...

Thanks for reminding me of this poem my Auntie Minnie used to recite to us when we were little kids. It's The Sair Finger by Walter Wingate

You've hurt your finger? Puir wee man!
Your pinkie? Deary me!
Noo, juist you haud it that wey till
I get my specs and see!

My, so it is - and there's the skelf!
Noo, dinna greet nae mair.
See there - my needle's gotten't out!
I'm sure that wasna sair?

And noo, to make it hale the morn,
Put on a wee bit saw,
And tie a Bonnie hankie roun't
Noo, there na - rin awa'!

Your finger sair ana'? Ye rogue,
You're only lettin' on.
Weel, weel, then - see noo, there ye are,
Row'd up the same as John!