Monday, April 25, 2005


Franchesca writes: "Whilst realizing I have no money, for some reason I decided to add up each demomination of coins and notes in the UK to see how much I would have if I had one of each. Oddly enough it works out at £88.88p . Try it urself if you dont believe me ... and don't forget like most people do, the £2 coin!"


Graham Binns said...

Did you remember the oft-forgotten £5 coin?

Shazzle said...

Isn't there also a £100 note?

Jodi said...

Never seen the £100. It's only issued by the Scottish and Northern Irish banks, anyway. And they obviously don't count :P
And the £5 coin isn't in general circulation, being only produced for a couple of special occasions, so it doesn't really count.

Jodi said...

I just looked it up on wikipedia.
There was briefly a 25p coin, and there are 1/2pences (which I've seen), and 3 and 4 pences (which I haven't.) They're all legal tender, even though some of the 3 and 4 pences date back to 1822!
On top of that, they were apparently considering making a quarter pence coin. Talk about worthless!

Algi Pugh said...

I have a bag full of half pennies. Are they worth anything ? I also have a six-pence somewhere.

Ian said...


1/2 pences were phased out a while back and are no longer legal tender, as with any older versions of existing denominations that have been replaced, such as the big 10p and big 50p, and the "shilling" sized 5p.

The 1/4p coin would not have been "worthless" back in the days of decimalization (c 1972), I remember back then paying 2p for a comic and 10p worth of sweets would fill your hands.

You have to be careful talking about 3 pence and 4 pence coins, the legal ones you refer to are "maundy money" which is based on their silver content, the more traditional 3 pence ("thruppence")coin was bronze colour and multi-sided rather than round and was phased out after decimalization and is not legal tender.


I doubt whether 1/2 (new) pence or sixpence coins will be valuable, there was an enormous amount of them in circulation.

I have a set of 50 1967 old pennies, mint condition, literally as they are still in the tubular container issued by the mint, and that is not worth much, a few pounds at the most.

Omykiss said...

The New Zealand equivalent adds up to $188.85. What is it about 8s?