Tuesday, May 24, 2005

One with the force

Here is a scene from the shooting script of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith which explains the one thing many fans had been dying to know. Why do some Jedi's burn up whilst others just fade away?

On the isolated asteroid of Polis Massa, YODA meditates.

YODA: Failed to stop the Sith Lord, I have. Still much to learn, there is ...

QUI -GON: (V.O.) Patience. You will have time. I did not. When I became one with the Force I made a great discovery. With my training, you will be able to merge with the Force at will. Your physical self will fade away, but you will still retain your consciousness. You will become more powerful than any Sith.

YODA: Eternal consciousness.

QUI-GON: (V.O.) The ability to defy oblivion can be achieved, but only for oneself. It was accomplished by a Shaman of the Whills. It is a state acquired through compassion, not greed.

YODA: . . . to become one with the Force, and influence still have . . . A power greater than all, it is.

QUI-GON: (V.O.) You will learn to let go of everything. No attachment, no thought of self. No physical self.

YODA: A great Jedi Master, you have become, Qui-Gon Jinn. Your apprentice I gratefully become.

YODA thinks about this for a minute, then BAIL ORGANA enters the room and breaks his meditation.
Considering the big long list of things which aren't explained it's odd that this couldn't be worked in somehow. Then again, check out of that exposition... [via Amygdala via Sore Eyes]

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Gary Farber said...

In fact, at the end of the actual film, Yoda explains all this, in somewhat more abbreviated form, to Obi-Wan, which was obviously necessary to explain how Obi-Wan learned the technique; I imagine Lucas felt that therefore the scene you quote was redundant, and yet insuffient on its own, which is not illogical, but I still really miss the show of at least hearing Qui-Gon again (having him do the visible Force Ghost thing would obviously be far and away the most satisfying, at least in my book), rather than the tell of Yoda to Obi-wan.

There's also another bit in the scene summary I added about Yoda scrambling to find "The Book of the Whills," which had more on the technique, before leaving the Jedi Temple for good. This was likely dropped for being an earlier concept that would have not helped as later developed.